Coastal Calm – Ange Jasmin

kinesiology, reiki, biofield tuning, holistic health

Coastal calm is situated on the beachfront in the beautiful coastal community of Te Awanga in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.  My name is Ange Jasmin and my practice includes Kinesiology (muscle testing), Reiki and biofield tuning.

Life can be stressful or challenging for all of us at the best of times. You may feel that you have lost your sense of purpose. Maybe you just feel a bit ‘out of sorts’ with the need to gain a bit more of perspective, balance or just de stress from everyday life.

I can help guide and support you to gain that perspective, bring a sense of direction, so that you can bring about balance, clarity, connection and most importantly – purpose into your life.  This is a wonderful place to come and make time for YOU! These therapies are a wonderful way to connect with your body, balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of your life. Email me for booking information or check out my page on Facebook or Instagram – Coastal calm kinesiology.  I look forward to meeting you and seeing what these amazing therapies bring to your life.