Diana Michaels

Alternative and Holistic Health Service

At Starlight Wellness Centre, Diana provides training in Access Bars Practitioner Courses and Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner Courses.

The one-on-one treatments Diana offers are Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelifts, and Access Consciousness Body Processes. As every client has different and specific support requirements Diana offers a range of products and books to assist recovery. These products include EMR and 5G energy harmonisers, which restore a sense of calm and vitality often depleted by these artificial energy sources. As Diana is an Australian Bushflower Essence practitioner she makes remedies for her clients to support their wellness goals. For your self-care and nurture you can purchase Doterra essential oils. As hydration is essential to health – specifically cell repair and the body’s removal of free radicals Diana can test your water quality and advise on drinking water systems and whole-of-house filtration. Other essentials always in stock are Colloidal Minerals and a Probiotic made from human breast milk.

Diana’s secret to being happy and well is being curious! She is excited about life, adds what works for her, removes what doesn’t and is delighted to share what she has discovered that might empower others. Creating and actualising her life and business is a collaborative venture. Diana collaborates with practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers working at the creative edge of health and wellness and offers treatments, pragmatic tools and techniques and products to those prioritising their psychological and physical wellness, that of their loved ones or work teams. Diana co-facilitates and hosts classes with other facilitators at Starlight Wellness Centre.

When Diana is not assisting clients and teaching natural therapies she teaches Work Health and Safety to people across Industry and empowers them to advocate for their workgroups so that everyone can come home safe and well from work.

Diana works as a Trainer Assessor | Natural and Environmental Health and Safety Practitioner. She …invites you to be your phenomenal self!

Feel free to be in touch … there are no silly questions I am always happy to see how I can assist!

Kind regards

Diana Michaels

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