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Every situation is different and as a Holistic practitioner I apply a range of techniques to suit. Life Coaching, Holistic Living Counselling, energy work with Reiki and Meditation, or Therapeutic Relaxation Massage are all part of the Holistic Toolbox that can be applied separately or together to make a real difference.

I am a qualified Holistic Living Counsellor/Holistic Life Coach and Tutor; and Holistic Living Meditation Teacher, graduating in 2001. I have practiced Reiki since 1994 and became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 2001. I am also a qualified Therapeutic Relaxation Massage Therapist.

I am grateful for a life rich in experience – the ups and the downs – and this drives me to help others overcome whatever difficulties life brings. Everything I share with my clients, I’ve learned through experience and in developing my own skills, which I use every day to support myself and family.

If you’re ready to heal an aspect of your life or searching for the right key to make the changes you have been looking for, I would love to help. Deborah at www.zestforlife.co.nz

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