Crystalline Energy

Reiki Master, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing

My name is Tarsila Bismarchi Motta and I am a sound healing practitioner, reiki master, crystal healing practitioner. I also use radiesthesia (dowsing) to support my work.

Group sessions: sound healing sessions (sound baths) and sound ceremonies.
One to one sessions: including reiki, sound healing, crystal healing and radiesthesia (dowsing).
Home: energetic cleansing using reiki, dowsing and energy healing techniques. Sound baths for groups.
Business: Sound baths for groups.

My purpose is to transform energy and vibration into a more balanced, positive and uplifted state using holistic techniques such as sound healing, reiki, crystal healing, radiesthesia (dowsing) and nature elements. These holistic techniques will assist with deep relaxation, bringing the body back to its natural state of balance and harmony, soothing the nervous system by brainwave entrainment, aligning energy centres and electromagnetic field to a more coherent state.


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