Metaphysical Coding with Cherie

Renew inner peace & restore life balance!

Empowering you to renew inner peace and restore life balance!

Discover a system that will enable you to reset your body, health and energy levels to feel:

* motivated and energised

* calm & relaxed

* mentally sharp and focused

* connected with self and others

* lighter and joyful

Over time, energetic blocks trapped within your body and energy field can cause physical discomfort, emotional distress and other imbalances which can significantly affect how you feel, think, and the choices you make.

Hi! My name is Cherie, I am a certified energy healer, core certified in The Global Energy Method and trained teacher. I have combined all my skills and knowledge of different modalities with my natural ability as an intuitive Energy Healer into one holistic body, Metaphysical Coding®. This unique, non-invasive style of energy healing offers you an ideal alternative holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

My specialty is subconscious-guided work that allows for expansive, in-depth work without conscious interruption. Connecting and working with your subconscious empowers your body’s own natural healing abilities to restore balance and renew inner peace.

Make an appointment today to discover the numerous benefits of Metaphysical Coding® for yourself.  Sessions online or in person.

A taste of what others have said:

“. . . she’s a game changer in a person’s healing journey.”

“Cherie’s healing is angelic and pure.”

“. . . my gut health issues are subsiding which is helping me lose weight . . .”

“I now have a job and am able to function wonderfully with people without fear.”

“One session talking about nightmares and haven’t had one about the event since.”

“She has helped me several times and time and time again I’m never disappointed!”

“. . . what she’s doing is revolutionary.”

‘. . . has completely opened all of my chakras”

“She has helped myself and my business move forward in a very positive direction and rapid rate.”

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