Career & Wellness Coaching

Career & Wellness Coaching

I coach individuals to fearlessly and unapologetically pivot their career toward their passion, supported by a holistic approach to wellness.

Gillian Scerri is an expert in the mind-body connection from the perspective of career alignment and its impact on your performance and well-being. Through her process, she helps individuals love their careers while embracing vibrant health.

You will not achieve your most cherished goals if you keep neglecting your physical health. Once you start to care for your body, it will reward your mind with your best energy. Her programme draws upon the latest findings from the fields of coaching, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, traditional approaches to wellness, and spirituality.

Gill is a qualified Holistic Wellness Coach, a Recruitment Professional, a member of the ​​International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and comes highly recommended. Gill resisted her calling over and over again which led to serious health issues. Through her journey of study and self-discovery, she feels healthier than ever and no longer drags her feet to work or eats leftover pizza for breakfast!

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