Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa

Respond with Grace

Dharamjot has been actively searching to find ways to reduce reactivity and developing the ability to respond. When she finds a tool that works she jumps in and learns how to share it for the benefit of people ready for change and the courage to step into their own power. Her approach is holistic, process-based and offers an extensive toolbox of techniques to help increase awareness.

Dharamjot means the Light of the Path and with this light she helps guide you to find your own path. Acknowledging that all our journeys are different with there own unique set of challenges and gifts.

There are many reasons we can feel more responsive by changing our habits and healing our trauma. Both require you to feel ready and when you are Dharamjot will gently guide you to find what you need to feel happy and healthy.

Offering the following modalities

Family/ Systemic Constellations

WILDFIT 90 Coaching

TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Gestalt Practitioner

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  1. TRTP really works, and I couldn't have picked a better therapist than Dharamjot to guide me on this journey

    I’ve never thought of myself as someone who had issues with trauma, having led a sheltered and relatively “normal” life.

    However, around the end of last year (2021), I started having unexplained panic/anxiety physical reactions which I eventually realised was due to old unresolved emotional wounds that surfaced when triggered by particular circumstances/people.

    I knew that was a sign that I needed to change something and that’s when I signed up to do the Richards Trauma Process therapy with Dharamjot.

    I’ve never done any form of therapy at all before this. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was also afraid of what it would bring up, and if I’d be able to cope with opening that can of worms.

    Apart from tackling the main issue that I wanted to resolve, the process also uncovered some beliefs and origins of other areas in my life that I was struggling with, a major one being procrastination.

    The sessions were really effective in taking out the emotional charge of the events that had caused so much pain and hadn’t been resolved even after years. I can think back now on those memories with no particular feeling and it feels like a big weight has been lifted, and areas of my life that had real blocks are finally clearing out bit by bit.

    It has been 4 months now since I completed the sessions with DJ and the effects are far reaching, and continuing to make an impact in my day to day life and in my relationships with my family and others around me.

    I’ve been through many self development and personal programs and even personal coaching to try to fix some of these relationship issues but they only worked mostly on the surface level, and soon I would fall back into old patterns again.

    TRTP really works to reprogram those patterns at a deeper level, and I couldn’t have picked a better therapist to guide me along the journey than Dharamjot. Her empathy, kindness and calm made me feel very safe and reassured throughout the whole process from beginning to end.

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