Body of Water – Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Clinical grade Applied MLD

Sarah provides Fremantle and the surrounding areas with Applied Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). She is trained in the Dr Vodder method and is internationally certified. Dr Vodder developed MLD in the 30’s in Europe where it is used widely alongside mainstream medicine and its benefits are well reported.

MLD is a gentle, hands on therapy using rhythmic pumps, scoops and stretching of the skin to encourage more efficient lymphatic flow. It is not a massage and should not be confused with lymphatic massage/effleurage – which do not offer the same ongoing effect as Vodder MLD.

The lymphatic system is integral to the ability of your immune system to protect you from disease and infection. Constant lymph pumping ensures background clearing of any invasive or toxic materials that have entered the body through the skin or across the mucosal linings in your gut and lungs. However our lymph flow could be impaired by sedentary lifestyle, injury, surgery, medications and drugs, stress, chronic illness, inflammation, autoimmune conditions and the list goes on.

MLD creates flow and stimulates the lymph vessels to go on pumping for up to a couple of days. A healthy lymph flow creates a healthy environment for cells. cHealthy cells can protect you against disease and make you to look and feel your best.

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