Equinnect Equine Assisted Learning

Equinnect Equine Assisted Learning

Activities on the ground with a horse to develop your confidence, and enhance your communication & connection with others. You can develop or achieve one or more life-skills, as well as learn stress management and enhance self awareness while having fun in a supported, relaxed & natural environment.

EAL is non-judgmental and confidential, with the focus on positive life-concepts, your abilities, and your values identified as important to you.  Your learning occurs during the session (experiential) through the activities with the horse – but also after your session – in how your process your experience – in a gentle conscious and subconscious way.

No prior experience with horses is necessary. There is no riding; all sessions are unmounted.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies 10 core life skills: self-awareness, empathy, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, coping with stress, coping with emotions, and interpersonal relationships. What life-skill or personal goal would you like to enhance or achieve?

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