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Life is happening from you not to you


ELITE COACHING – providing you with future focussed support through the trials and tribulations on your way to your success.

Families, Corporates, Executives, Couples, Adolescents, Corporations, Businesses & Individuals

Neuro-Training / Demartini Method® / Time Line Therapy (™️) / Neuro Linguistic Programming / Hypnosis / Reconnective Healing®

Located on the Australian Gold Coast. Providing services Australia wide and Internationally via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

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Have you or do you know anyone who seems to have it all together. Mentally, physically and emotionally balanced with a sense of connectedness and vitality?

Can you imagine what it would be like? Living your life  with a sense of connectedness, mental, physical and emotional balance and vitality?

With experience in both private practice and community service over the past 14 years, Wendy has been helping Families, Corporates, Executives, Couples, Adolescents, Corporations, Businesses and Individuals to:

  • Overcome fears and limitations
  • Achieve greater Mental Fitness
  • Re-wire and re-train their brain
  • Increase their self-confidence, self-respect, self, esteem & self-worth
  • Abandon bad habits and addictions
  • Improve performance in study, career, sports and business
  • Discover mental, physical and emotional balance
  • Improve relationships

Live an inspired life of love, health and wellbeing that is satisfying and fulfilling.

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What others say

“I’m more relaxed with life, more balanced and settled within myself, and I’m happier with myself.  I felt comfortable opening up about delicate issues and it was nice to feel I was not being judged and to know that my issues were being dealt with confidentiality. I would highly recommend Wendy’s service to anyone who needs help to make a change in their life.” – Dianne

“You knew what was possible to create from my parts. I was in a state, almost comatose. You turned on the electric current and powered me up. You were so patient with me, you had a belief in me that at the time I did not – that I would come through this! I now feel wonderful, the best in years, my life now has direction and purpose. Thank you Wendy for your faith and persistence.” – Cary

“Having gone through some rough patches over the last three years, I’d attempted a significant amount of reading and soul searching towards my own personal development, however, none of that seemed to give me the progress I wanted.
That’s when I met Wendy Williams.

From our initial appointment it was like a huge
weight was lifted off my shoulders. As a result of working with her now over a period of some weeks, there’s been dramatic improvements in all aspects of my life, including far less of the procrastination and anxiety that used to hold me back.

I found Wendy to be a good listener and gently persuasive enough to keep me accountable towards my goals. I can recommend Wendy Williams to any other men who may be struggling at a difficult point in life.” – Greg (47)

“Hi Wendy, I’m just writing to let you know that I feel great.  I can breathe a lot easier … before, I always expected to fail, this time though there is no expectation of failure.  The “re-programming” you did last time now has me not just thinking that I’m worthy, but actually believing it.  Mum and Dad are both so proud and relieved at my success so far and are thrilled at my positive attitude (as am I). Thank you so much.” – Tania

Henry Ford is reported to have said “if I asked the people what they wanted they would have said faster horses”.

Did you know Only five people witnessed the Wright brothers maiden flight.

In the year 1600 Giordano Bruno was burned alive at the stake for suggesting the universe had no centre, and that the stars are suns, surrounded by planets and moons. What we now call exoplanets.

Throughout the ages the majority of the population have disbanded others big dreams. If you have a big dream that’s too big for others to see don’t shrink to fit in with the majority, step into it.

Wendy’s personal consulting and elite coaching methods will lead you to empowerment and support you to find the strength you require to bring that dream to fruition.

What others are saying


“Wendy, just a quick note to say thank you so much for your help! Looking back three months, my life and business have done a complete 180 and I attribute this to a creative and relaxed new mindset cultivated by your coaching. As you know my procrastination and indecision literally paralysed me from doing the things I needed to do to be successful. I’m now flourishing. Thanks again, I’m one of your biggest advocates.” – Bill – VICTORIA


“Three weeks into your program and the results have been amazing. I feel more empowered, less stressed, and I have a greater mental aptitude to plan, communicate, and organise within my business. Wendy’s knowledge in this field is outstanding and along with her professionalism I can recommend her programs to anyone” – J. – VICTORIA


“Wendy has a unique ability to identify and resolve issues manifest within the individual. Above all, she gives us the tools to SUCCEED!” – Richard – VICTORIA

Personal Consuling an Elite Coaching services apply equally well to an individual as to a business organisation or group.

Do you not owe it to yourself, your employees and your community to grow an ever expanding profitable business that will continue to thrive into well after your reign? What is your 10, 20,. 100 year plan?

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Located on the Australian Gold Coast.
Providing services Australia wide and Internationally via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.


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