Intuitive Massage Practitioner and Health Coach

Supporting women’s wellness through MASSAGE and HEALTH COACHING.

INTUITIVE MASSAGE FOR WOMEN:  A 90-minute rejuvenation experience. Using a combination of relaxation, deep tissue and energy balancing techniques that will leave you feeling recharged and deeply relaxed both mentally and physically.

WOMEN’S HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING:  I help women struggling with perimenopause, menopause and hormone imbalance, to lose weight, increase energy, reduce anxiety, banish brain fog, regain their confidence and feel amazing again.

My wellness approach is centred around the mind-body connection. By using nutrition, mindset and movement combined with meditation, breathwork and massage you can achieve a complete whole body reset and implement changes that result in long term wellness.

I would love to be part of your wellness journey – please visit the website for rates, bookings, special events and more detailed information.

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