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Hi, I’m Fiona, a Root Cause Therapist (lvl 2) and Registered Counsellor.

Helping people remove their trauma and become truer and fuller versions of themselves is why I am here. It is my firm belief that our greatest capacity as a species, is to HEAL!

Through my own struggles and recovery I have done the hard yards of trying and testing it all. You name it, I’ve done it. And through this I’ve been able to narrow down the things that create the greatest real change for people, making the process as simple as possible for my clients.

I have worked with young children, teenagers, adults, relationships, LGBTQIA+ and the aging from across cultures. Presenting issues have ranged from anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, gender and sexuality, grief and loss, chronic pain, disability, and mental health and personal issues.

My doors are open to those experiencing the greatest challenges of their lives, to those wanting to create small changes.

I bring to my practice creative elements from previous qualifications in writing, business and music and offer a client centred, strengths based, solution focussed approach to healing.

We are often so unaware of the programming living within us that when it derails us, we are simply left adrift. In my work I have come to know that most causation has simple genesis – if we treat the Root Cause and not the symptoms, there will be no symptoms to treat!

I’d love to help you remove trauma from your being so you can have the space within you, to create the life you both deserve and desire.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

In peace and healing

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