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Equine Salt Therapy

We’re A Mobile Service ~ We Bring Our Salt Chamber To Your Horse!

Equine Salt Therapy provides a unique all-natural drug-free treatment that supports the respiratory system and promotes healthy skin to all horses via the delivery of patented technologies known as Ultisalt (TM).

Salt Therapy treatment has many lifelong health and well-being benefits for all horses and for all disciplines. Horses are exposed to the same air we breathe which often contains pollutants, pollen, allergens, airborne diseases, and more. They often experience the same issues including inflammation, extra mucus, and restrictive breathing.

The quality of air in stables can often be found poor due to dust, mould, build-up of chemical cleaning products, and other airborne irritants, Keeping the respiratory system as healthy as possible is vitally important to the overall livelihood of horses.

Equine Salt therapy is a natural health treatment with amazing properties that cleanses from the inside out with fantastic results.
Equine Salt Therapy relieves the symptoms of:

  • IAD – Inflammatory Airway Disease
  • LAD – Lower Airway Disease
  • RAO – Recurrent Airway Obstruction
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Travel Sickness
  • Allergies

Ultisalt is a patented high-grade quality Australian-made salt that was formulated under the guidance of qualified Equine Vets, and Equine Physiotherapists in conjunction with trainers and complies with the highest standards of the Salt Therapy Association.

When your horse is in our mobile salt therapy chamber it is here that they inhale the specially formulated Ultisalt air deep into the lungs. Once inhaled the salt loosens the mucus, and any inflammation that may be present is reduced which clears the airways for the horse to breathe.

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