Diverse & potent… treatments & workshops to Align every person & animal

Align Therapies & Training

All that I offer is to assist people and animals to Align back to their ideal blueprint for health and wellbeing.  Choose from a diverse menu that includes treatments (in clinic or workshops) ranging from both conventional to more specialised and alternative treatments.

– Conventional techniques include: Remedial Massage, Sports, Swedish, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone etc.

– Specialised, Alternative & Essential Oil based techniques include:  Aroma Freedom Technique (emotional rebalancing), Raindrop Technique, Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, Vitaflex Technique, Aromabliss Technique, Psychosomatic Bodywork, and Reiki

– Furry feathered ones don’t miss out either and realign in fully customised animal treatments.  Animals AND their humans alike can be supported through all stages of life from womb to palliative care.  Animal sessions can include Raindrop Technique, Massage, Lymphatic Support, Trauma Release/Support, and Palliative Care.