Kites & Angels Life Coaching & Root Cause Therapy

Bust Those Blocks to Master Your Mindset

As a multi-modality Practitioner I am able to work with you on both the conscious and the subconscious levels.

Have you ever wondered why you repeat the same patterns of behaviours and emotions, even though you know they are not serving you?

The answer could lie in your subconscious…

Root-Cause Therapy is a trauma healing method that uses regression to allow the healing of unprocessed emotions which are still currently causing unwanted thoughts, behaviours and symptoms in our daily lives


One of the first things I normally have to do with coaching clients before they are able to focus on growth and forward momentum is help them to get past their limiting beliefs and unhelpful narratives

– you know… that nasty little gremlin in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough, or smart enough (I call mine “Boris”)


Well that’s where combining coaching with Root Cause Therapy comes in…


By working on the subconscious blocks and beliefs that you are holding onto BEFORE we start focusing on moving forwards, you are already several steps ahead of the game.


And the amazing thing is that often we are not even aware of all the baggage our body and subconscious mind are dragging around with us.

So, get in touch and find out how I can support you on your healing journey.