Kohava Howard – Leadership mindset & Jungian life coaching

Mentoring Holistic Lightworkers to Thrive and Lead With Ease

Be guided to blend your feminine radiance with masculine action to Unleash, Awaken & Raise your vibration to light up the world.

You will learn to overcome any life/career transitions and limiting beliefs that hold you back on your journey.
I teach you to unfold and tap into your feminine essence, build your own unique Feminine Leadership style and Integrate your inner archetypes as your inner guide.

Through one-on-one coaching and Empowering programs, you will advance your knowledge and enrich your authentic life.

I’m Kohava. I am a women’s advocate, a mother, a wife, Nurse, facilitator, teacher, As a Women’s Leadership Coach, Jungian life coach, and a holistic practitioner, I guide you to make decisions with ease and brainstorm together to get clarity and answers on your hero Qwest.

I am the founder of “Emerging Vibrant Woman” and the leader of the Soul Sisterhood Collective ~Thriving Empath Visionaries Facebook group.

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