Harriet – Energy Healer/Master/Teacher & Psychic Intuitive

The Heart Mind Alchemist

Harriet is a spiritual healer, Master/Teacher, counsellor, coach and mentor offering Intuitive guidance and ongoing support to assist you on your healing journey.

As a Healer, Harriet dedicates her time to mastering the metaphysical (through ongoing study, research and her own personal growth and development),  to ensure you are receiving high frequency healing and up to knowledge. Harriet provides Reiki for relaxation, stress relief, chakra and auric realignment and re-balancing. Healing of trauma and original wounds often leads to past life work, clearing karma, subconscious re-framing of thoughts with guidance and mentoring to assist in the understanding and integration of the healing that has occurred in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

As a teacher, Harriet provides wisdom, practical applications, experiences, ongoing support and mentoring. Her approach to teaching is calm and thorough, ensuring all students have understood the teachings whilst in a nurturing environment. Her commitment to you as a teacher and mentor goes beyond the classroom, offering a place in her private practitioners’ group where you are supported by Harriet and peers a like.

For those interested in ascension and finding their Life’s purpose, Harriet can offer a cutting-edge healing modality that takes you through a healing system built off a 15-dimensional Time-Space Matrix Model which draws on the high dimensional frequency through all the levels and layers of consciousness. The purpose is to heal, clear and charge your Bio-Energy (Auric) field which contains your life’s programming. This holistic program has already proven to be successful for aspirants who have gone through the program. For more information on this transformational modality, please contact Harriet directly.

Harriet’s Mission is to provide spiritual healing, evolution and expansion of consciousness. She is committed to helping others, offering life tools and support, enabling people to be able to help heal themselves, taking back control and power over their lives.

Her credentials include;

Master in Metaphysical Sciences

Reiki Master/Teacher

Seichim Master/Teacher

Isis Seichim Master/Teacher

Karuna Master/Teacher

Certified Bio-Field Transmitter

Neuro Linguistics Programming

Retreat Facilitator

Meditation Facilitator