Soul Tranquility Healing – Inspired Holistic Therapies & Reiki Healing Courses

Intuitive healing work & transformative courses...

At Soul Tranquility Healing we provide Reiki, Meditation, Tarot, Breath Coaching, and Spiritual Journeying to clients in person in Perth, WA, and online via our incredible community portal on Patreon.

We also now offer in-depth and comprehensive courses to support you on your journey!

There are many reasons why you might be interested in studying energy healing or Reiki, and this could be the sign you are looking for in order to start this journey!

Being attuned to universal energy triggers a period of transformation and personal development that continues for the rest of your life that help you to…

  • Develop your intuition
  • Propel a period of deep personal growth and transformative healing
  • Shift your mindset to healthier and happier thought patterns
  • Live a calmer and more conscious life!

At Soul Tranquility Healing, we do things a little differently than the majority of energy healing and Reiki training courses out there.

Utilizing a blend of traditional teachings and our own ancestral/lived experience, we believe in teaching our students to a very thorough and in-depth level so that they come away feeling like more confident, capable, and conscious human beings.