Deborah Burnett, Singer & Holistic Voice Practitioner

Live Life Out Loud

Free your voice. Transform your life.

I help women to free their voice so that they can use it with confidence, for health, wellbeing and self expression. But what I’m most passionate about is empowering women to Live Life Out Loud and to be SEEN and HEARD, at home, at work and in the community.

Your voice is your superpower – it can shift stuck energy, bring your system into balance and is the bridge between your inner and outer world. It is imbued with all that you are and is your unique vocal finger print. And even better, it’s available to you 24/7!

With holistic voice work, you can journey within to release what no longer serves you, and can give voice to the amazing woman within.

So, if you are ready to step into your power and use your voice, whether to sing, speak up or speak out, let’s make it happen. Women’s voices matter.

Phone: +61408027781

Email: [email protected]

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