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Optimise Your Health to Optimise Your Life

About Claire O’Meara

I’m a women’s Health & Lifestyle Medicine Coach + Nutritional Therapist.
Specialising in Metabolic Health & Healthy Ageing, taking a particular interest in weight management and it’s importance in the prevention and management of chronic disease & metabolic syndromes.


Optimise Your Health to Optimise Your Life

If you are struggling with blasting stubborn fat, fatigued and feeling frazzled, wondering if your hormones are out of whack or you just generally feel a little meh for no obvious reason, I will help you get to the root cause of the problem and take back control of your health.
I hear You & See You, in-fact, I have been you, so I totally know what it feels like to have ill health.

Teaching you how to hack your health, and take back control of your Metabolic Health in order to thrive not just survive.

Services Offered

  • One to One Online Coaching Via Zoom with email Support + WhatsApp
  • Monthly Membership Hub
  • Twice Yearly Online Group Programs
  • WellBeing Talks in the workplace, Events and or Charities

Living Rare – Fabry Disease
I am a Rare Disease Advocate for Fabry Disease a Metabolic / Lysosomal Inherited Disease.
With the disease affecting my Heart & Kidneys I am only too aware of how Lifestyle plays a huge role in managing this Life changing / Life shortening disease.
You will aside to the above find me banging the drum about Females living with the disease as it very often goes undetected or mis diagnosed – please note all things around my diagnosis are my own personal experiences / thoughts. I will however where needed reference scientific / medical papers to back up.

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