Renewed Roots Nutrition & Yoga

Plant Based Nutrition & Wellness Coaching for Women of All Ages

At Renewed Roots, Kat understands that every person is unique and as such, their nutritional and lifestyle needs will be different to others.

Kat’s training allows her to evaluate and support her client’s specific nutritional needs and make bio-individual recommendations that will guide them towards a healthy and happy life built on their own terms.

Kat’s special interests and main areas of focus are gut health and healthy cognitive function. With a strong belief that gut health can be traced back as the root cause of many if not all health conditions, she makes this a focus for all of her clients.

Kat’s holistic approach to healing means she will not just put a bandaid on your concerns but will find the root cause and treat accordingly. She will take the time to get to know you and your needs and develop a plan which works for you incorporating nutrients, herbs, diet advice, functional movement, stress management, reduction of toxins exposure and healthy mind practices.


Some of the areas Kat can help in include –

~ Transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet

~ Acne and other skin conditions

~ Weight loss & management

~ Cleaning up your toxic load in and out of your body

~ Digestive upsets – bloating, gas, indigestion etc

~ Digestive disorders – IBS, Crohn’s disease etc

~ Tiredness and brain fog

~ Hormone health

~ Adrenal fatigue

~ Stress, anxiety & depression

~ Diabetes

~ Autoimmune conditions

~ and much more…

I’m really looking forward to meeting you in the future. Take care of yourself!