Debby Emeny

Thank you for reading my profile.

I am the founder and owner of Rezonate Wellness Centre in Kapiti, New Zealand.  I work with clients in-person and across the world online via Zoom or distant.

I have a deep passion about helping you to overcome negative beliefs and identifying and clearing blocks that are standing in the way of your breakthrough to become the very best version of yourself.

Emotional Regulation and empowering self-help strategies are a priority as, in my opinion, in order to have a breakthrough you need to have effective coping mechanisms to help yourself when no-one else is available.

My journey has been over many decades but took off when I discovered EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Energy Psychology) in 2004, having studied and obtained my first certificates in 2006 under Patricia Carrington, endorsed by Gary Craig the founder of EFT

I have delved very deep into all aspects and modalities of EFT, including NLP, Kinesiology and obtained Accredited, Certified EFT Master Trainer.  I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching (with Merit) and bring everything together to work as a Holistic Health, Wellness & Life Coach.

With a Certificate in Adult Tutor Training, I have trained Counsellors, GP’s, Hypnotherapists, Teachers, Psychotherapists and other professions in Emotional Freedom Techniques, along with everyday folk like me and you. As a Senior Member I would love to support and mentor you on this type of journey.

The other part of my personal journey is within the unseen world of frequency, sound & vibration and have created my own modality, Holographic Dimensional Healing, which works within both the physical and quantum space.

Knowledge is nothing without it being shared, and as a Holistic Coach and Trainer, I love to share what I have learned with you within my training & coaching programs.  I am always developing my skills to allow me to be more of service to you.

My No.1 rule when working with a client is in keeping you safe.

I offer compassion without judgement and look forward to helping you achieve your own breakthrough to freedom.

Blessings  ~  Debby

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