Lia Estate` Energy Healing Medical Intuitive,

Energy Healing, Medical Intuitve, Reiki, Matrix Energetics

I use my Intuition to get to the heart of things, bringing amazing insights to a consultation. My initial interest in Medical Intuition started so that I could heal myself, but clearly, after that, my passion for the modality compelled me to go further afield NFH and look at helping others. I have gone through many illnesses, life lessons, and procedures myself and overcome dis-ease. With over 12 years of practice and a lifetime of my own intuitive experiences, I am in a sympathetic position to understand and assist clients to understand their own illnesses and issues that lie beneath the surface of Dis-ease and Dysfunction. “I love meeting people and knowing their stories. My life philosophy is to look at the ‘glass half full’ and to find the positive side of any situation as it arises. I love to laugh as I find it assists me in keeping positive and focused. Life is a game, let’s play it with humility, creativity, compassion a laugh, and a smile”.

Lia practices and is qualified as a Quantum Medical Intuitive, Energetic Medicine and Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics, and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia explores vibrational healing work through voice, tone, and sound.
With over 12 years in practice and a lifetime of intuitive experiences, Lia is in a sympathetic position and assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing well-being and happiness.

Lia is a qualified and registered award-winning Interior Architect/Designer, Furniture and Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience, and uses intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and supportive to clients.
As an Artist, Lia adds to her creative skills, to explore drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia tutors in all her accumulated skills to assist clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to relieve insights, viewpoints, and a creative perspective in real-world realms.

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