Sri Eka Indrawati

Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist and RTT Hypnotherapy

Hi, I am Eka. I am a qualified Perth Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist and Hypnotherapist. Throughout my years of practising Kinesiology, I have found that different modalities have their own strength. In my  practice, I offer several modalities. Each modality compliments one and another, as they work from different angles and enables me to find the root of an issue and apply the best treatment.

True healing comes from inside. Using our body’s own intelligence it is capable to heal. Ideally, when the body is healthy and balanced it has the ability to heal disease or problems itself, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. Helping you to understand your body better for optimal health is my specialty. Health problems or imbalances usually don’t exist in isolation, but usually relate to another aspect or a combination of physical and emotional elements. Through each session you can understand your body better and identify to your body to help the cause of an issue.

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