Tomoko Shiine

Tomoko's Healing Space in AOTT Healing Centre

Hi, I’m Tomoko, a spiritual coach, trained in Theta Healing (Intuitive Anatomy, Diseases and Disorders, Wealth Consciousness courses, etc.) and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing.

My spiritual counseling helps you to release old and no longer serving beliefs so that you can access your true desire.

It also helps you to refresh your subconsciousness so that you can attract what you truly desire.

And also helps you to recharge your energy so that you can manifest what you truly want in your life!

This consultation is for you if you are;

•           Wishing to spend 100% of your energy for the direction of life where you want to, but you can’t because of various issues in your current life (work, business, family environment, money, personality, etc.)

•           Having trouble in relationships, such as family and business.

•           Suffering from physical and mental problems from your childhood or past life traumatic experiences.

•           Having difficulty learning Languages (Japanese) and other skills because of traumatic or negative experiences in the past.

•           Willing to access your past life and obtain the learning from that time and bring back them so that you can utilise them in your real life.

By reaching your subconscious belief and rewriting it, I will help you achieve what you truly want in your life in a gentle and loving way, using Theta Healing Technique, Self-reflection method by K Byron.

I will also incorporate the Collective Consciousness Access Method, which is a powerful modality to access, connect and utilise the power of our Collective Consciousness.

Tibetan Singing Bowl is also a powerful tool I use to clear emotional blockages so that the client can be free of any burden and other heavy negative energy.

Due to the COVID situation, I am not offering my Tibetan Singing Bowl session face-to-face nor online, yet.  But it is possible to cleanse the client’s space and diagnose issues in the client’s body, upon request and agreement.

Please contact me for any queries or book a session.

[email protected]


Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!


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