Joelle Phegan


Joelle’s practice is centred on the individual client, drawing upon traditional, evidence based medicine & the latest scientific research.

Joelle incorporates your genetics & epigenetics, and uses Iridology and Medical astrology as a guide, as well as a detailed comprehensive analysis, to best support, potential areas of weakness and within the body, mind & soul.  You walk away with a detailed protocol of your individualised dietary, nutritional, herbal and lifestyle  needs and requirements.

Joelle specialises in supporting

Nervous system conditions, incl. anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, stress and PTSD.

Additionally; digestive conditions, skin health, immune strengthening and Autoimmune support, pre-vaccination protocol’s, & women’s health conditions including: PMS, PMDD, menstrual irregularities, painful periods, PCOS, low libido and pre-natal support.

Gentle and Natural adjustments, is my goal in healing. Unless supplementation is necessary, I mostly work with clients to get all they need from a Nutritional Diet, Herbal Medicine, and Lifestyle adjustments.  I prefer to find alternatives for Clients to improve daily habits.

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