Francine Lemessager

Francine began spontaneously recalling her own past lives in the 1970s and then worked with a past lives recall group in north London. On her return to Australia in 1984 Francine trained as a naturopath and clinical hypnotherapist and offered past lives regressions to her Sydney clinic clients when well targeted remedies did not work, finding that unlocking memories buried deep in the subconscious mind were the keys to positive healing results.

Francine has now relocated to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney as a certified Soul Regression Therapist with the  Academy of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (the former Jackson Institute) which draws on the pioneering work of Dr Michael Newton, Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Andy Tomlinson et al.

Soul Regression Therapy consists of two separate hypnotherapy sessions. The Past Lives Regression component focuses on a main issue with a few related questions where you are regressed back through childhood, the womb and then to the past lives having a bearing on the main issue.  Unwanted patterns are cleared after insights have been explored and positive suggestions reinforced which can bring long lasting healing.  Many of Francine’s clients are content to book in for this session only.

The Between Lives Regression component explores the afterlife and is deeply spiritual with a successful Past Lives Regression as a pre-requisite. Francine is happy to discuss this component more fully with her clients during the first session.

Francine conducts these sessions in the nurturing environment of her Lawson clinic, adhering to the Soul Regression Therapy Practitioners Code of Ethics and Conduct. All sessions are recorded.

What clients are saying about Francine’s approach:

Francine holds a deep and reverent space for transformation. She welcomes you with her kind demeanour that is full of so much love and wisdom, and holds the space for you by opening portals that help you navigate to the depths of your own truth, wisdom and guidance. Her soul healing and past life regression sessions were profound for me and helped me find a sense of clarity and peace that had been lacking in my life’. Patty Kikos

I attended two past-life regression sessions with Francine, and they were fantastic. The first was a regression to address unwanted residual effects of what turned out to be violent past lives. But also learning so much about your birth and origins along the way. How amazing to feel yourself in another time, seeing and experiencing what is around, and in, you, and yet with Francine’s gentle and clear guidance, feeling no stress or pain. The second was a between life regression which took me to a most amazing tour of where I was before this incarnation and how decisions were made. I came to many understandings and awarenesses via these sessions and connections have keep occurring to me after months. Francine is such a skilled and kind practitioner that the whole experience was an exciting adventure with such positive outcomes. Thank you Francine for your professional, kind and valuable sessions’. Robyn L, Alexandria Sydney.

I had my first past life regression experience facilitated and guided by Francine a couple of months ago and it was a profound experience. The space Francine created was safe and welcoming, which enabled me to completely let go and flow with the experience. From our first point of contact through to the discussion at the end of the session she was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and genuine. Post session, I have already felt a positive shift occur within me, which is the reason I wanted to do the regression. I would highly recommend Francine’. Patricia O, Chatswood Sydney.

Qualifications: Certified Soul Regression Therapist, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma Naturopathy, Diploma Homeopathy, Reiki Master, Foundation Reconnective Healer, ISBT Bowen Therapist, B.Ec (Syd Uni)

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  1. The 2 Regression sessions I had with Francine simply blew me away. I was quite specific in the direction I wanted and we went straight there. The information coming through and energy shifts that were happening were quite intense and incredible at the same time. After each session I felt that something within had changed, I felt different. I felt more aligned and open at the same time. It’s been absolutely life changing working with Francine.

    I found Francine’s style to be quite soothing and gentle like she was lulling me into a soft daydream state. I would highly recommend Francine as a hypnotherapist and you’ve definitely got to do the Regression Sessions!

  2. I attended my first Past Life Regression with Francine in March 2020. Francine’s gentle and calming manner invited such a deep level of relaxation throughout the process that later that day I was shocked to note that my Fitbit had recorded that I was in a deep sleep – yet I was very much awake! The revelations that emerged were so ‘eye-opening’, yet at no time did I feel any form of stress or distress. The experience has given me such affirming insights into what has informed my decisions and behaviours in relationships, an understanding that I could only have hoped for prior to this session. What also stood out for me throughout the session was Francine’s professionalism, integrity and commitment to ensuring that I was in a place of safety. Since the session further helpful and informative revelations and understanding have come to me and I am so glad I made the decision to engage in this session. I will be going back for a further session with Francine.

  3. I attended my first past life regression session with Francine.
    Francine made me feel very comfortable and relaxed it was truly a beautiful experience I would highly recommend Francine I would love to take another session in the future. Thank you Francine.

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