Satori – Blue Mountains East Asian Medicine Clinic

Specialising in Japanese styles & Non-insertive methods

In my practice I provide a treatment plan that integrates 5 stages.

Step 1: we deal with the front of the body, mainly using acupoints on the limbs.

Step 2: we remove the needles and turn you over to deal with the back, neck and shoulders. At both these stages the needles are left in place for about 10 – 15 minutes. These steps firstly address your underlying constitution as revealed by the pulses and abdomen.

Step 3: adjusts any physical imbalances by applying gentle stretches with resistance known as Sôtai or the application of moxibustion (heat therapy).

Step 4: addresses any symptomatic relief to alleviate pain or distress the patient may be in. A variety of methods may be used here from Japanese cupping, tiny Intradermal Needles left in place in the ear, or body massage, etc.

Step 5: advises the person of recommendations with diet, lifestyle, Self-Sôtai, or will refer you to adjunct therapies that complement the treatment. Treatment will usually last from 30 to 40 minutes. Allow time to arrive and leave without rush. You may feel a deep level of relaxation, but good acupuncture will do more than just alleviate your symptoms, it will also address your constitution. It is free of side effects and beneficial for acute or chronic disorders as well as preventative treatment.

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