Colonic Care

Natural Solutions for Digestive Health

Melbourne’s Best Colonic Irrigation Clinic
Cindy D Cerecer is an industry leader with a passion for holistic health and detox in the pursuit of ultimate vitality. After working in Colonic Irrigation clinics in Australia and overseas and years of study about how our bodies work, Cindy decided to do things a little differently.
Unique to Colonic Care, every appointment guarantees you a one-on-one session with an ICHTA Certified Senior Colon Hydrotherapist. All our therapists are industry experts not just in Colonic Irrigation but in Holistic Health, Detox Nutrition, Yoga and Alternative methods of Healing.
In your private session, your therapist is there to guide you safely though the process step by step, answer all your questions and help you reach your ultimate state of well-being using our state of the art equipment and our immaculately clean, hygienic facilities.
Colonic Irrigation May Help Alleviate…
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Parasitic Infestation
Skin Problems
Acne and Allergies
Fatigue and Lethargy

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