Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy

I specialise in anxiety, emotional eating, and chronic pain. I excel at treating the emotional matters of the heart. You see, we are emotional beings, and we do what we feel like doing. Not what we know we should be doing. That’s why it is important to work on the emotional level and change the way you feel about things. For example, wanting to be slim, fit and healthy. But you can’t seem to stop eating big portions of unhealthy food. You can’t seem to get motivated to exercise. I get it. Sheer willpower runs out after a couple of weeks. Then you are back where you started. This cycle is frustrating. Change how you feel about eating right and being more active. Then you naturally want to make better choices for yourself.

I use insight based therapy. The process I use is designed to address the heart of the issue. Ending internal conflict or self-sabotaging behaviour. And gives you the life you want. I learned this system at the Banyan Hypnosis Center in America. Where I gained my Master Hypnotist qualifications. This system of hypnotherapy is the reason why I get amazing results for my clients. In 6 short weeks, my clients experience rapid personal transformation. Providing you with greater self-awareness. And because it is an insight based therapy, the changes are permanent. In effect, we are running an anti-virus software for the mind. Removing or updating the old programs. Re-programming the subconscious mind to think and feel differently. Making the change feel easy and natural.

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