Golden Thread – Sound and Mandalas

Golden Thread - Sound and Mandalas

Through the use of Sound Therapy and Mandalas, we endeavor to create an environment that allows people to cultivate the qualities of calmness, relaxation, and reflection which in turn relieves stress, tension, mental and physical agitation. Our ultimate aim is to assist people to find the pathway back into their hearts and to enhance their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sound Healing is a gentle, holistic, and noninvasive form of vibrational therapy. It utilizes sound vibration of special instruments and tools to assist in strengthening, harmonizing, recovery, and re-balancing the body. Humans are exposed constantly to sound vibrations of all kinds, sometimes even imperceptible. Some sounds are harmonious and some not so harmonious which can have harmful effects in our lives and create chronic states of stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, etc.

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