Atlantean Healing and Guidance

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Reading & Mediumship, Psychic Art

I am Tahlia Jade, Spiritual Advisor and Energy Healer. I help, heal and support people through their divine life paths in an empowering way.

As an empath healing comes naturally to me and after 9 years as a Registered Nurse, I felt ready to finally follow my calling and make a real, positive impact in peoples lives. I spent a year studying the Tarot and developing my own spiritual values/practice, both idependently and with an incredible soul tribe of mentors, spirit guides and loved ones in order to bring my dream to life with my business Atlantean Healing and Guidance.

During a Reading I connect with your energy, your guides and spirit ancestors to channel messages meant specifically for you at this time, to assist you in any area of life requiring clarity, guidance or further insight. Tarot does not control our lives, it is used to care for and maintain our Spiritual Wellness. Not everything is as Black & White as it seems in our greater environments, this is where Tarot/energy work can fill in the blanks.

I specialise in LGBTQI+/Cultural Trauma and assist people to heal and release any feelings of guilt, rejection or shame placed on them by others and step into their power and authentic selves unapologetically. My work is ALL-inclusive and ALL are welcome.

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