Ava Pikul – Sexpert & Authentic Tantra Practitioner

Healing Through Pleasure

Ava teaches tantric methods for sexual fulfillment and emotional healing. She is licensed by the only government accredited institute of tantra in the entire world, and teaches lineage-based tantra rooted in the Tibetan 5 Elements. The unique approach Ava brings is a combination of spiritual science and subconscious healing. You can read all about her client “Miracle Moments” on her website to learn more.

With her guidance:

  • Learn why you feel stuck and release the blockages holding you back from experiencing ecstasy and bliss!
  • Eliminate past conditioning that keeps you from accessing your full power.
  • Learn lifelong tools to expand your capacity for pleasure and completely transform your relationships.
  • Create consistent, fulfilling, and joyful connection with your partner(s), and become a better lover!
  • Successfully reverse sexual dysfunctions such as numbness/pain in the genitals, vaginismus, low libido, pre-mature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn ‘addiction’ and heal trauma
  • Create a sense of sacredness in your sex life
  • Co-regulate and self-connect to facilitate magic and pleasure in your daily life
  • Learn how to navigate specific life changes with more peace, joy and clarity

IICT Approved Modalities Used:

  • RTT: Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnotherapy) to rewire self-limiting beliefs through personalized hypnosis recordings and visualization
  • Authentic Tantra rooted in Tibetan 5 Elements of Tibetan Buddhism

Ava offers 1:1 a mentorship program for singles and couples and/or Transformational Therapy sessions depending on your needs/desires.

It’s best to reach me at @ava.ashe on IG/FB or www.flamewithintantra.com ([email protected])