Ark Wave Wellness – Suite of Services.

A suite of services for Body, Soul & Spirit!

A unique whole person wellness protocol inclusive of body (physical), soul (mind, will and emotions) and spirit. We believe that you cannot separate and treat one from another, in isolation.

***Ark Wave Wellness*** – Currently focusing on integrative mental health wellness management & monitoring, character pathology, trauma psychotherapy, structural dissociation & suite of integrated special presentations primarily using Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) – within holistic energy medicine and pastoral care framework.

Our EMDRAA Member EMDR clinician link for credentialing verification:

***Ark Wave Release (energiea/energeo)*** 

ἐνέργεια, ας, ἡ / ἐνεργέω enérgeia / energeó

Energy Medicine:

Ark Wave Wellness’s Ark Wave Release (C) is an energy medicine using the body’s innate energy systems such as seen in the meridian system and electrical systems and circuits, also known as the neuro-network. Some further examples of the body’s energy systems include the quantum system, light, frequency, scalar field/ sound systems and voltage in electrical circuits. We say the original energy of the universe, the energy of the stars that is omnipresent, is known as scalar energy.
Ark Wave Release technique asks the body specific questions via muscle testing (instrumental in practice of kinesiology) and self-help coaching techniques to optimise the whole-body’s state of wellness.

***The body knows what it needs for healing, once taught – it never forgets how to***

The scalar light/energy is known by many names worldwide: Prana, chi, qi, or Ki are relatable to some traditional cultures or spiritual seekers in general. In the scientific and physics community it is known: by various names such as: Radiant energy, eloptic energy, torsion energy, torus energy, Tesla energy, Physicists now agree to adopt mainly one of a few terms: THE FIELD or the unified field or the zero point.
We call attribute this energy to energeia & energeo from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon – enérgeia (“divine energy”) typically refers to God’s (The biblical Hebrew God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) energy which transitions the believer from point to point in His plan (accomplishing His definition of progress).

Ark Wave Release uses scalar energy to communicate with the body’s energy systems such as the quantum data system and other natural intelligence to identify energy signatures that are generally known to associate with particular pathogens, toxins, detrimental technology or any dis-ease states. This technique is performed by the only international (and therefore the only Australian) graduate of an highly selective, specilaised University in the USA.

This is cutting edge and pioneering work, so further research and technique development is ongoing and fluid.

(Disclaimer and waiver apply).

***Chayah Women’s Ministries ( Pronounced ‘Khi-yah’)***

At Chayah we are curiously compassionate.  We support women from all walks of life and all experiences and circumstances.

Chayah is the paleo Hebrew word for ‘live’.  It means to live, restore to life, revive, restore, refresh: from sickness, from discouragement, from faintness, from death!

This part of the Ark Wave Wellness triune of services is specifically about supporting women spiritually, from a Christian doctrinal, non-denominational view.

We look at how the stories about women in the bible can help women of today, we discover what messages they have for us.

This ministry is still in the planning and set up stage, but check us out on FB