Greteljane Coaching

Helping Women Transition and Thrive Beyond Separation

I’m a Transition & Separation Coach for newly separated women navigating the confusion, stress and drama of separation. I help them heal emotional trauma so they can move past the pain, overwhelm and frustration, to feel calm, confident and free in control of a life they truly love.

Regardless of where you are at in your separation journey, it can be one of the biggest and most difficult things a human being has to navigate in their lifetime. I know this first-hand from my experience of leaving an abusive man after 12 years of marriage, with a baby and a toddler in tow. I remember the spiralling bills, the roller coaster of emotions, the ongoing threats from him, dealing with lawyers and affidavits, worrying about the kids, struggling to put food on the table, feeling completely overwhelmed, miserable and the sobbing tears that I couldn’t stop once they started. I felt isolated, frustrated and frightened and completely disconnected from myself and with no way out.

This was almost 9 years ago. Since then I rediscovered myself; re-built my life and am now creating a healthy happy home for myself and my children! I’m passionate about supporting others going through separation with all the things I wish I’d known about at the time so they can better handle the intensity of the emotions, and the gain clarity, direction and resources they need to build a new life they love, transitioning in a much faster and more effective way.
As a result, Rising Brave was born, after developing my proven three-stage Separation Triage Formula, that brings emotional freedom quickly and fast tracks women beyond their own pain and into a recovery experience beyond what they ever thought was possible.

The work I do helps my clients heal emotional hurt, move out of self-doubt, reclaim their self-confidence and self-esteem, clear their mind of blame, hurt and anger and create a life of joy they never thought was possible. Through my powerful combination of deep sub-conscious healing along with conscious coaching techniques produce profound. powerful and life changing results.

The women I work with leave feeling free, with unshakeable foundations and healthy trust in themselves and other people again! They feel so much stronger, more confident and ready to take on the world, living life on their own terms and with love and compassion. They find new loving relationships and head confidently in directions that align with their own purpose and dreams because nothing is holding them back anymore.

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