Biodanza School of Australia (South)

Integrative movement and dance facilitator training

The Biodanza School of Australia offers a program of inner development and facilitator training in the integrative movement and dance system of Biodanza.

The course involves a series of experiential workshops combined with deep learning about the system.

Some people join to dive deeply into the Biodanza method and accelerate their growth and potential for healthy, vital and pleasurable living. For others, the experience fulfills their calling to share Biodanza with others.

In its own unique way for each person the School course facilitates fresh starts, re-births, discoveries and or re-discoveries of new possibilities for you, your relationships, how you feel and how you live.

The program takes at least 3 years and a cycle commences every few years in Australia. It is offered through weekend workshops, online learning and a period of facilitator supervision.

To join the school participants need Biodanza experience (50+ hours of regular sessions and workshops).

Please get in touch with Kate or Agnes if you would  to out more about participating in the next cycle of the Biodanza School in Australia.

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