Blue Dragonfly Wisdom

Psychic Medium, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master

Hello and welcome,

I am Tanya, from Blue Dragonfly Wisdom.  I am a Certified Psychic Medium, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master and more?  I work on the Body, Mind and Soul, after all that’s what we are.

A Messenger of Enlightenment from other Realms, Replacing Illusion with Insight & Wisdom.  I have proven and Certified Psychic and Mediumship skills and I TRUST my Intuition and Gifts, what I am shown I will share with you with compassion and without bias or judgement.

If you find yourself stuck, unable to know which way to turn, how or what to do, struggling with making a decision or unable to let an issue go or just understanding the what and why of something …….. I can help, with the support of Spirit, I am able to provide you with the guidance you need for your highest good. I offer Readings either Face to Face, by Phone or Skype. Call me on Mob: 0417 988 962

A little about me:

All my life I have been aware of Spirit, Signs, and the many versions of reality that people live. I was Spiritual before I knew what Spiritual was, having had many personal Spiritual experiences in my life beginning when I was just a child of 3 years old, when my brother passed that have both comforted, reassured and proven to me that Spirit is very real. Leading me into Metaphysics and the acceptance and understanding of our Spiritual world. I was gifted with wonderful Mentors and Teachers along with my further studies, supporting my Spiritual Development. I believe in understanding and applying the delicate Balance of Body, Mind and Soul we require to have a rich and full life. Which is why I expanded my Holistic studies to include the Body, Mind and Soul.

I am Psychic, a Medium, a Philosopher, an Optimist, a Spiritualist, Qualified Holistic Counsellor, Graduate of Artistic Therapy, Spiritual healer and Reiki Master and Aromatouch Massage Therapist (Essential Oils used to Rebalance Meridian energy) and a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

The Blue Dragonfly symbol came to me in a vision and after researching it’s meaning as an Archetype/Symbol for: Communication, Wisdom and Change, Adaptability, Lightness and Flexibility, Personal Authenticity, Removal of Illusion, Connection with the Spirits of Nature. I understood how well it applied to my passions, and outlook. I am here to Help. 🙂 I have grown into a Sage Seer.

As a Psychic and a Medium, using Clairvoyant and Clairaudient senses; meaning that I see and hear spirit. I am an Empath, I feel/sense yours and spirit energy. I am a born Philosopher and Poet, I believe in Appreciation and Gratitude.

Like you, I have suffered Loss, I know Pain, both Physical and Emotional. – I have relished in Joy, and I have had to look deep within. I have Grown and continue to Learn about Life every day. – Learning is Eternal – I Love Choices as they bring Opportunities and I Love the Adventure of Life… well most days, after all I am only human!


  • READINGS (Face to Face, Phone & Skype) – Certified Medium
  • HOLISTIC COUNSELLOR – (Adv Dip HC, Grad Cert Art Therapy, IICT)
  • SOUL GUIDANCE – Natural Spiritual Intuitive
  • CHI ENERGY BALANCING – Certified in Reiki / Spiritual Healing / Aromatouch

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