My Healing Space

Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing and Reiki Therapy

Welcome to

✨️My Healing Space ✨️

The Space which is created for You to feel safe and protected, the Space where we will raise the vibrations, so you will shine Your Light brighter.

I am Tatyana and my journey of self-discovery which has started nearly 4 years ago opened up a whole beautiful world of healing energies to me. I was attuned to Usui and Sei Chem system of Natural Reiki Healing and became a Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Therapist. It is My Soul’s calling to share powerful yet so gentle healing sounds and vibrations of Himalayan Singing Bowls coupled with Reiki energy with our amazing community contributing to the collective healing of Mother Earth.


At My Healing Space I offer group and 1:1 Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing and Reiki sessions, including Aura Cleansing, Relaxing and Balancing Therapies, Kundalini and Backache therapy, Heart/Solar plexus/Third eye activation.

I would be delighted to see you 🌟

Love and Light,


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