True Wellness – Anne Murray

Functional medicine, nutrigenomic and bio-energetic practitioner

Anne, at True Wellness, is dedicated to working with people who really care about their health and happiness, and who want to improve it naturally and non-invasively.

I am a Functional Medicine and Certified Bio-energetic/Bio-resonance practitioner.

I work in-person, and remotely worldwide, with clients to give them the tools to help themselves to be able to support their bodies in innate healing.

Offered also in-office are PEMT and Rife therapy, and Qest4 bio-energetic screening both in-person and remotely.

Client issues that I often see in my consultations, and with which I have success, are inflammation, pain, insomnia, stress, other mental wellness issues and weight-loss.

Another service that I offer is Genetic Test result interpretation, so if you have genetic test results and are not sure what to do with them I can help you. I will give you advice on which genetic variants need support and with which nutrients (nutrigenomics) and lifestyle changes.

These changes can make a significant difference to your quality of life and wellness, making genetic testing really worthwhile doing.

I look forward to being able to help you with your health issues. Book a FREE 15-minute introductory chat with me to find out more.  Book a FREE 15-minute chat here

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