Devika Dey

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach

I hold the belief that transitions through relationships serve as powerful portals, often disruptive and capable of inducing despair. Yet, by facing the disruptions and navigating through the despair, we can emerge from these portals with an enhanced sense of well-being, a clearer understanding of ourselves, and a greater enrichment as human beings.

My approach is rooted in the understanding that every individual is unique, and both therapy and coaching should be customised to cater to the distinctiveness of each person. While I operate as a therapist exclusively with clients based in Australia, my coaching services extend globally, conducted entirely online.

Given the sensitive nature of my work, I am a proponent of establishing a safe, respectful, and caring space for your personal journey. I firmly believe that the most profound human growth occurs within an environment of safety, respect, and care. The space I offer is culturally sensitive and trauma-informed.

I adopt a strengths-based methodology, collaborating with you in a person-centered manner to identify your needs and assist you in moving towards your goals.

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