Emily Grace

Guide to Wholeness

I support ambitious, spiritually curious women who have been through trauma and challenging life transitions, who want support in healing so they can move forward in their lives and careers, owning their sensitivity and femininity in an empowered and intentional way.

Having experienced & processed trauma, along with many life transitions, both in childhood and the workplace, has led me to become a fierce advocate for reclaiming wholeness and power as a woman, which we’ve been deeply programmed to disconnect from.

I support through feminine embodiment coaching & breathwork with the below:

– learning emotional processing tools & integration of trauma
– reprogramming the subconscious and shifting your identity to an empowered one
– increasing your capacity to receive through your way of being with feminine magnetism & somatic experiencing of pleasure
– building inner wisdom & boundaries

All of this is customized to your own desires and goals in your career, relationships, & self, to lead you towards your fullest authentic expression and soul-aligned life.

Book a free 20 minute discovery session here: https://app.paperbell.com/checkout/bookings/new?package_id=50696

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