Malinie Clinicalhypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Wellness

As a clinical hypnotherapist with a Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am deeply passionate about mental health, emotional wellness, mind-body connection, pain management and holistic well-being.

I have been effectively and successfully conducting online hypnotherapy sessions with positive therapeutic outcomes from clients.

Additionally, my background in nursing brings a unique perspective to understanding the benefits of hypnotherapy in terms of harnessing mind power for recovery, healing and overall well-being in a clinical setting.

My expertise in clinical hypnotherapy, combined with my nursing experience, allows me to provide a more holistic approach to treating underlying psychological issues by tailoring my therapy approaches to suit and meet each client’s specific needs and goals enabling positive therapeutic outcomes.

Combining my knowledge in clinical hypnotherapy with my nursing experience allows me to provide the best possible care and support to the clients who will effectively benefit from the hypnotherapy techniques , relaxation, stress management, confidence and inner strength boosting, mindfulness and healing therapy sessions that are practiced safely and ethically.