Heart Resonance Sound Healing

Sound Healing & Meditation

Heart Resonance Sound Healing is an alternative medicine practitioner service located on the Gold Coast, and servicing South-East QLD. Courtney and Steve from Heart Resonance use crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drums and many other healing instruments to help achieve healing outcomes for their clients through the power of vibrational frequencies.

They offer both group sound immersions and private therapy sessions. Both experiences are deeply restorative and have many benefits. You may wish to try both options, or read more below to decide whether a group sound healing event or 1 to 1 sound therapy session is right for you.

Group Sound Healing Events
It is always wonderful to come together with a group of individuals to share in an experience. In a group sound healing events, which are also known as sound immersions or sound baths, you will be invited to set an intention for the session and then be guided into a deeply relaxed state through meditation and sound. Allow the sounds to fill the room and surround your being, as you let go and enjoy a moment of stillness. Group sound healing events are an amazing opportunity for your personal intentions to be magnified through the power of sound and the energy of a collective.

Private Sound Therapy Sessions
In a private sound healing session, Courtney holds an open and heart-centred space where you can privately explore your current issue. A private sound healing session can help to address life direction, feelings of anxiety or stress, sleep issues, illness and also alleviate pain in the body. These are just to name a few, as sound therapy has the potential for many other healing benefits. The session is intuitively designed to the clients needs, and no two sessions are the same.

If you have any questions, please reach out! You can find more information via www.heartresonance.com.au

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