H.E.A.L with Gwenda

A leader in guidance from your soul


I bring to you 37 years of experience and knowledge beyond this world.

My vision is to build strong communities around the Globe that are healthy fit and strong; mentally, emotionally, and physically. A vital part of well-being is to be empowered from within. Many people lose their sense of personal importance by way of self-esteem and self-worth, she strives to guide, lead, inspire, and teach people how to regain their sense of value, and self-worth and be empowered with their right to happiness and health.

Everyone is on a different journey of healing and ascension in this lifetime, in my role as a facilitator and mentor of healing my offerings provide you with the pathways to suit your path of life currently.

Challenges and blocks are all part of this lifetime, it is how we perceive and learn from them that we can become more attuned to ourselves and thereby learn to live a glorious life.

Awakening and learning how to understand the ways to connect to your Higher Self, with the Higher being’s Guides and Angels is not for everyone, however, healing and having a happy strong heart and calm mind is for everyone.

From knowing how to have a healthy, gut-healthy life to delving deeply into your daily life and habits to even deeper finding your authentic self, knowing your path, and how to navigate it, and learning how to self-heal, I invite you now to have a look over the offerings I present to you.

May your day be blessed


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