Ileana Kapic

Improving health, hormones and happiness one tweak at a time.

Prepare your body for pregnancy and grow your fertility naturally without wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own.

In my 12-week Empowered Conception programs we’ll assess your needs and create a wellness plan that’s tailored to you and you needs. Giving you information and practices you enjoy, making it easier to follow for long enough to see results. Then I walk and support you through it in 10 one-to-one sessions.

Using insights from both wellness and reproductive science to cleanse your body, calm your nervous system and reduce inflammation. To balance your hormones and grow your fertility.

You’ll get a tool-bag   of nourishing practices that you’ll keep turning to for years to come.

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Kindly, Ileana Kapic
Reproductive Biologist and Hormone Wellness Coach

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