Joanne Deaker (Reconnect ME)

Online Life Transition Therapist (Arts & Somatic Therapy)

Are you looking to find and feel safe within yourself in a time of change in your life? Would you like to feel good again?…

Your life has changed. ​Things aren’t what they used to be, there’s no longer that sense of familiarity or meaning somehow. You might no longer feel you can trust what and who you once trusted. Or maybe you’re enduring a loss (or both). You’re feeling a mix of emotions… grief, fear and maybe anger…. in between an all pervading numbness. There’s no going back, change has come, and you wonder ‘who am I now?’.

Life doesn’t have to stay that way… I provide online life transition therapy to adults anywhere in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the UK using body based (embodied processing) and creative processes. I guide you to move through change and the challenges within it, to deepen your self understanding, find safety within, process your emotions and ultimately… feel joy again.

If this resonates and you’re willing to be guided to do this courageous, often painful but incredibly rewarding work, I would love to come alongside you to help you feel good again. Visit to book a free consultation and we’ll check we’re a good fit.

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