Equine Facilitated Personal Leadership

Self-awareness; skills for putting your Heart into it

The Horse the Heart and  Circle of Stones.

Personal leadership is a pathway of self-discovery, a series of doorways, gateways, and openings and to become Self-aware helps to reduce stress and quiet the mind.

When caring for others, humans, animals, community, planet, it is just as important to care for ourselves because daily challenges and pressures can sometimes leave us drained of energy and feeling disconnected. Sometimes we are called to empower ourselves by remembering what we already know or to learn new skills.

The experiences you find at Serenity Farm are co-created and invite you to explore simple practical tools and resources that can help to create balance in mind, heart, body, and spirit helping you to recharge your inner spark. We call it Personal leadership and Self-management for those who are called to care.

Its not about leading with the head versus leading from the heart, its about the two working as a team in cooperation and balance. One plus one makes three, heart, mind, and body, its all about the relationship.