Medium Avril Johnston-Craig

Avril embraces integrity in a grounded approach to mediumship and psychism, for authentic evidential communication from Spirit. This often involves unique humour and fascinating memories, embracing pertinent memories of each soul’s journey and life’s experiences.

She is dedicated to the sacredness of service provided by mediumship between those in the afterlife and their Loved ones and friends, to provide healing, guidance and prove the continuation of the soul after death. Healing and communication is facilitated across both dimensions of reality.

Avril has three University degrees awarded from prestigious Scottish Universities, including a Bachelor of Science in Psychology(hons), an executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a postgraduate diploma in IT, alongside an extensive business career.

She has worked in high level executive management positions, including Board positions in both the private and public sectors in Europe. She has recently spent nine years working in the science and medical Faculties at The University of Queensland. Avril is well placed to maintain an academic and scientific approach to mediumship, psychism and esoteric soul development.

Avril has worked regularly in the main Spiritualist Churches and Centres around Southern Queensland and Scotland for over a decade. She holds regular open and closed circles, private readings and development workshops. She has also regularly sat on Spiritualist Church committees.

As an evidential medium and Spiritualist, Avril is relentless in the ongoing progress of the Spiritualist knowledge, dedicated to healing, guidance and embracing higher purpose in our life’s journey.

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