Fine Tuning for Human Beings

Nurobodi’s unique online consultation and sound and light spectrum sessions facilitate deeper states of relaxation, focus and overall mind-body wellbeing through gentle but deep entraining and synchronisation of limbic & autonomic nervous systems.

Combined with Nurobodi Qi Gong to strengthen Wei Qi (the defensive Qi of the body and in particular the lungs) one on one video conference training and high quality training support videos create maximum support to both mind and body harmonisation through innovative use of holistic medicine and advanced technology.

As a progressive holistic health & wellbeing practice Nurobodi is formally recognised as an executive member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies for Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy & Qi Gong.

Your personal customised Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles consist of microtonal binaural sound fields, optional light-sound designs in conjunction with EEG insights & Qi Gong exercises. Over time NSP designs can facilitate a deep shift towards redefining your full spectrum presence with a range of benefits

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