Mindset Coach, Jungian Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor

Hero Quest, The Archetypes, MBTI Test, Shadow work, card reading

Carel Jung (Yang) is a psychotherapist and the founder of analytical psychology and synchronicity.

The conscious mind, and the unconscious mind, where the persona, ego, and the “self” archetypes play the role of how we present ourselves in the world, and the collective unconscious that connects us all.

When working with the Jungian coaching method, you will be taken through a powerful journey to transform from a deeper level developing an emotional intelligence to consciously direct your life and live from the full potential of the “self”. Develop a critical leadership mindset such as confidence, courage, resilience, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

The unconscious is rich and deep, this is where we will explore its potential through transformative techniques and tools.

I’m an abundance mindset coach, Jungian life coach, and holistic nurse practitioner, I’m Helping introverted women, and holistic wellness service providers, show up fully and authentically, be strategic, lead and earn with bliss, thrive, and flourish with courage. by sharing the systems and processes necessary to create and manage a holistic life and business so they light up the world with ease.